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In Vintage Chess we want you to get a piece of the history of chess and start being part of it.

The idea of Vintage Chess was born in 2015 year with the intention of letting new generations and fans from all over the world know a part of the history of chess. For that reason, we only take the client a narrative chess, a chess of which the client feels proud because he tells a part of the history of chess that has thousands of years and millions of fans.

With this purpose we have chosen only chesses that are part of the history of this game and always for its appreciation and conservation we have opted for high qualities for the preservation and exhibition of all sets. There is no low-end model on our website, all products are of high standards conscientiously chosen among many other chess models only aesthetic and impersonal.

In addition, in our genuine Vintage Chess section we offer original antique products chosen by our chess expert advisory team that provide maximum information in each game displayed on the web. These historical Ajedreces have been chosen in antiques and collections of half the world. Many of these unique and ancient models are exhibited in the great chess museums of the world.

We have a commitment to customers and is to offer the highest quality at the best price. A product that the client appreciates and transmits to subsequent generations. With the purchase of our products you will get a true part of the history of this great science-game.
With Vintage Chess products we want you to get a piece of chess history and start being part of it.


Provide a wide range of good high quality chess products at a reasonable price that reflects the materials and craftsmanship used to make them.

Present all our products in a clear and concise manner so that it is easy for our customers to compare, select and decide on the product they want.

Offer excellent standards of customer service, delivery and tracking of all our products, regardless of the size or price of your purchase.

Ensure that our high standards of ethics and equality, benefiting the client and society, while maintaining the standards of preservation of the environment.

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